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Rooftop Reading Gardens: Elevate Your Literary Experience


Rooftop Reading Gardens: A Literary Oasis

Rooftop reading gardens are a growing trend in urban areas, offering a tranquil and secluded space for reading in nature. These gardens can be found on the rooftops of buildings of all shapes and sizes, from apartment complexes to office towers.

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Benefits of reading in nature

There are many benefits to reading in nature, including:

  • Reduced stress. Studies have shown that spending time in nature can help to reduce stress levels. This is likely due to the calming effects of natural surroundings, such as the sound of birdsong and the smell of flowers.
  • Improved mood. Spending time in nature can also improve your mood. This is because nature can trigger the release of endorphins, which have mood-boosting effects.
  • Increased creativity. Being in nature can also help to increase creativity. This is because nature can provide a sense of inspiration and new ideas.
  • Improved focus. Spending time in nature can help to improve your focus. This is because nature can provide a distraction-free environment in which to concentrate.

How to create a rooftop reading garden

If you’re interested in creating a rooftop reading garden, there are a few things you’ll need to consider.

  • Location. The ideal location for a rooftop reading garden is one that is sheltered from the wind and sun. It should also be located near a water source, such as a fountain or pond, as the sound of water can be very relaxing.
  • Size. The size of your rooftop reading garden will depend on the amount of space you have available. However, even a small space can be transformed into a tranquil oasis with a few well-placed plants and furniture.
  • Plants. The plants you choose for your rooftop reading garden will depend on your climate and the amount of sunlight your garden receives. However, some popular choices for rooftop reading gardens include trees, shrubs, flowers, and herbs.
  • Furniture. The furniture you choose for your rooftop reading garden should be comfortable and durable. Some popular choices for rooftop reading gardens include chairs, benches, and hammocks.

Tips for enjoying your rooftop reading garden

Once you’ve created your rooftop reading garden, here are a few tips for enjoying it:

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In recent years The New York Public Library made headlines with its Outdoor Reading Room held on the plaza of the Stephen A Schwarzman Building which drew inspiration from the quotopen air reading roomsquot in Bryant Park during the 1930s and 40sWisteria Frances Litman With fragrant blooms that hang like grapes showy wisteria is a vigorous woody vine Wisteria 39Blue Moon39 rewards even more with a trio of bloom times in the growing season the plant is hardy in Zones 49 Its rambling vines are a great accent over a rooftop garden trellis or pergola1 Make it purposeful Designing a rooftop garden While aesthetics plays the primary role in people opting for designing a rooftop garden the fact that it serves more purposes than one is appreciable As outdoor green enclaves in the concretized city

spaces they serve as spaces for relaxation and private oasisStorage There39s a lot of paraphernalia associated with gardening tools fertilizer compost buckets Space is limited on a rooftop and it39s hard to camouflage a storage area Shelves will suffice Some rooftop gardeners opt for narrow closets Another option is bench seating with builtin storage to do double duty1 Build planters into the deck Image credit Amber Freda If your rooftop garden is part of a larger roofdeck overhaul consider building your planters along the outer edges of your roof This will offer ample space for layering taller trees for privacy with smaller shrubs and annuals for colorStep 2 Plan for safety and easy access To fully enjoy your garden you need to feel safe up there First make sure the entry area as well as

the stairs or ladder are visible and easily accessible In the eventuality of bad weather or any other hazard youll want to be able to get down safely and rapidlySecret gardens The actual underground But sometimes you want to soar above it all sipping effervescent libations among the clouds like some kind of fancy bird with an expense account You wantlast updated June 19 2020 If you live in the city it39s more likely than not that you don39t have a garden Having an outside space always comes at a premium in urban areas and if you live in a tall building or block of flats you may simply be too high up to be anywhere near a garden

  • Set aside some time each day to relax and read in your garden. Make it a habit to visit your garden at the same time each day, even if it’s just for a few minutes. This will help you to create a relaxing and enjoyable space.
  • Bring a friend or family member to enjoy your garden with you. Sharing your rooftop reading garden with someone you love can make the experience even more special.
  • Make use of the natural sounds and smells of your garden. Listen to the birdsong and the wind rustling through the leaves. Take a deep breath of the fresh air and enjoy the scents of the flowers.
  • Let your mind wander. When you’re reading in your rooftop reading garden, allow your mind to wander and let your imagination take flight. This is a great way to relax and de-stress.


Rooftop reading gardens are a wonderful way to escape the hustle and bustle of city life and enjoy a peaceful and tranquil reading experience. By following these tips, you can create a beautiful and inviting space that will inspire you to read more and relax more.

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